Sexuality in Art

an exploration of sexuality, feminism, LGBT issues, and other related topics in the contemporary art world.

Losing Virginity as an Art Form

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This recent article recently appeared on the Huffington Post. The young artist featured, 19-year-old Clayton David Pettet, is planning on losing his virginity in front of a live audience as a piece of performance art.

The artist student’s former work has explored the concept of sexuality in various ways, mainly through the use of photography. But he claimed in the Huff Post article that in this next endeavor, he was planning to go beyond just sexuality into the convention of virginity and how the concept differs for men, especially homosexual men.

The idea is certainly controversial, but does bring some important issues to the surface. Is the concept of virginity sexist and outdated? Is it made up? But beyond that, it pushes the envelope of contemporary art. What makes it art and not pornography? In this post-postmodernist world, are there any boundaries left as far as what qualifies as art? This question has been asked for decades, most notably beginning with Dada and Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain and will probably continue to be asked for decades to come as the boundaries of the art world continue to disappear.


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