Sexuality in Art

an exploration of sexuality, feminism, LGBT issues, and other related topics in the contemporary art world.

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Calm Beauty // Confronting a Demon // The Work of Kelly Surdo

Kelly Surdo is a 22 year old photographer based in Portland, OR. She majored in Photography at SUNY New Paltz and now has work up on Flickr, Tumblr, and Instagram. Her work has a uniquely quiet and subtle sexual nature which she says comes naturally. Her complex relationship with sex and sexuality is a journey she explores through the camera.

“I┬áhave a complicated and frightening relationship with sex and how it relates to intimacy,” Surdo confessed, “There is a close proximity I like getting to with people, sometimes in a way that hurts me, sometimes in a way that I’m in control of and feels reassuring.”

Surdo says that viewing the world through a lens was a natural process from an early age and has helped her to better understand her own life and relationships, as well as her identity as both an artist and as a gender fluid individual.

View the full interview and some of Surdo’s work here.